(9) Saturn

Old Man Cronus, aka Saturn, is The Great Teacher, Healer and Liberator

Orion Bright Star

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.” ~ Rumi

Lore states that Saturn is the great destroyer and teacher and ultimately the planet that implores all souls to evolve. Well in truth I can certainly validate the lore of Saturn. For I chose to meticulously arise time and again from the ashes of my many, many painful and life changing Saturn travails. Such has been my journey over six incredible decades that the agape within implored me to document the teachings of my travails. Commencing with my first book Raphael’s Legacy, which was written in a multicultural internet cafe in south London at the back end of the great battle for my life. An open and candid collection of thoughts derived from one man’s innate ability to do battle and fight for what is our most precious of gifts; the right to life. Indeed a personal journey through so many short falls within our medical model, that changed all my perseptions towards personal well being. For Raphael’s Legacy presents an evocative appraisal of the false truths we’ve been sold as a society about chronic conditions such as: Lymes Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Stress, ME, Hormonal Imbalances, Hypothyroidism and Toxic Body Syndromeet et al. A hard hitting, spiritual, yet comical take on the process of illness that will almost certainly bring a smile to your face and yet paradoxically, may leave you feeling completely flabbergasted at times too. That said and as a result of my Raphael’s Legacy journey, I currently have 17 self help books published. However I did not set out to be an author for that was never a passion. That is simply the power of kismet and my desire to inspire others. For my many years of unnecessary suffering taught me much about the great journey, much about mortality and much about the role of and need for self mastery in wellness. For yes we do very much need our medical model in times of un-wellness but we also must take full responsibility for our own wellbeing each day of our lives and therein not simply absolve ourselves of that responsibility. For when we change our inner world or outer world changes too and we live a life filled with greater understandings.

Decency Caveat

I have no medical or clinical qualifications, therein all my books whilst related to matters of personal healing must only be considered as; additional personal research material. However please don’t buy any of my books if you’re offended by strong views and painful insights into my own personal suffering expressed freely. For all my books were written as I battled for my life, therein I’d be the first to say that they do lack gentility. That said; this page is dedicated to Dr Sarah Myhill and her team whom I worked with during the dark days and nights of my soul. For more information about the work that she and her team do click [ here ] to visit her website. For those of you who feel that they would like to read more, you can purchase a copy of Raphael’s Legacy by clicking [ here ].

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“Only the strongest of souls can bring light into darkness, wisdom into lacking and love to replace hate, for they have mastered the lesson of mortal suffering and have risen to the challenge of service.” ~ Orion Bright Star


”Seek the light, trust the light, be the light and ask the light to always be with you” ~ Barry Hardy

Orion Bright Star

“Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity. Be worthy of the trust of thy neighbor, and look upon him with a bright and friendly face. Be a treasure to the poor, an admonisher to the rich, an answerer of the cry of the needy, a preserver of the sanctity of thy pledge. Be fair in thy judgment, and guarded in thy speech. Be unjust to no man, and show all meekness to all men. Be as a lamp unto them that walk in darkness, a joy to the sorrowful, a sea for the thirsty, a haven for the distressed, an upholder and defender of the victim of oppression. Let integrity and uprightness distinguish all thine acts. Be a home for the stranger, a balm to the suffering, a tower of strength for the fugitive. Be eyes to the blind, and a guiding light unto the feet of the erring. Be an ornament to the countenance of truth, a crown to the brow of fidelity, a pillar of the temple of righteousness, a breath of life to the body of mankind, an ensign of the hosts of justice, a luminary above the horizon of virtue, a dew to the soil of the human heart, an ark on the ocean of knowledge, a sun in the heaven of bounty, a gem on the diadem of wisdom, a shining light in the firmament of thy generation, a fruit upon the tree of humility.” ― Baha’u’llah

The Inner Planes Are Where Soul Magic Unfolds – Sat Tat Aum, The Kingdom of God is Within

Orion Bright Star

Mortality is an incredible privilege, when we accept the frailties of the mortal condition ~ Barry Hardy

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